Childbirth in Chile with registration of citizenshipand an opportunity to relocate to the U.S.

  • Medicine and service of clinics at the level of the USA while the cost is the same as in the CIS countries
  • Chilean citizenship for the child and residence permit for both parents IMMEDIATELY after the childbirth
  • Visa-free entry to 160+ countries, including the U.S., EU, UK and Japan with a Chilean passport
  • Full support of the Spanish/English speaking team at all stages of the program

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Advantages of the Childbirth in Chile program

Immediately after birth, the child receives one of the strongest passports (Chile is 19 positions ahead of the US in the world passport ranking)

The child's parents and grandparents also get Chilean citizenship

The level of equipment, hygiene and service in Chilean clinics is much higher than in the CIS, which makes giving birth on the shores of the Pacific Ocean a safer and more comfortable option

A Chilean passport allows visa-free travel to over 160 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, EU countries and Japan

Availability of a well-developed health care system (Chile is ranked 32nd out of 169 countries in the Health Life Expectancy Index)

A Chilean passport is issued for life, and all descendants of a Chilean child will inherit Chilean nationality

Childbirth in Chile is a perfect option for:

  • Couples who want to create a secure future for their family in a stable country
  • Parents-to-be who want to give their child and themselves the opportunity to move freely around the world
  • Expectant mothers who want to give birth as safely as possible in the best perinatal clinic with a high level of service

Choose one of the prestigious clinics on the Pacific coast to give birth to your baby!

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Chile passport ranking

A Chilean passport is issued to a foreigner born in Chile along with a birth certificate. The child's parents first receive a Chilean residence permit, and after one year of living there, they obtain permanent residence. Three years after the birth of the child, they become full citizens of Chile.

12th 2022 RANKING

Visa-free areas with a Chilean passport


  • E-VISA

The American Dream

Immigration to the United States with Chilean citizenship means:

  • A 100% guarantee of entry into the U.S.
  • No need to participate in the Green Card lottery or invest in the U.S. economy
  • No U.S. tax residency
  • Opportunity to work and conduct business in the U.S.
  • The right to visit the U.S. for the whole family

Get a passport of Chile by childbirth and make the American dream come true!

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People choose iWorld as a guarantee of:

  • Full support

    The company's specialists accompany you during your pregnancy and help you with all the legal procedures in Chile. The company consultant provides you with physical, psychological and informational support before and after the birth.

  • Interpreter services

    Feel comfortable in Spanish-speaking Chile with the help of our qualified interpreter.

  • Working under agreement

    Before you start working with us, we sign an official agreement which clearly sets out the obligations of both parties.

  • A successful result

    The experience and high qualifications of our employees guarantee you a successful immigration to Chile.

iWorld provides services on:

  • arranging childbirth in the best clinics of Chile;
  • support at all stages - from the selection of clinics to the processing of documents.

Over the past year, our team has arranged over 150 comfortable and safe labor for parents from all over the world.

iWorld - provide the best future for your child and your family.

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What you need to know about Chile

Moving to the U.S. is much easier with a Chilean passport, since the close economic relations between the countries have a positive impact on immigration policy

The level of safety in Chile is higher than in the U.S.. By this index, the country ranks second among the nations of North and South America

Average life expectancy in Chile is 79 years, which is higher than in any CIS country

Citizens of Chile do not have to be drafted into the Chilean army

The Chilean educational system is considered to be the most developed in Latin America, and 2 of its universities are among the top 300 of the world QS Rankings

By registering a company in Chile, you will be able to do business internationally

Citizenship for parents of a Chilean child

Turnkey support at every stage, right up to getting passports:

  • Qualified support in applying for residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship in Chile
  • Preparation and submission of the documents to Chilean authorities, tracking the status of submitted applications
  • Translation and apostilization of all documents in Spanish

Childbirth in Chile is the key to a calm and peaceful life for your family

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Steps of cooperation


Contacting iWorld

You apply through our website. Our manager will contact you within an hour and answer all your questions about childbirth in Chile for free.


Signing the contract and making an advance payment

Before we start working with you, we make an official contract and offer you to pay the deposit for the services. We also coordinate with you the stages of work, choose a clinic and prepare documents.


Getting ready for your trip

You will be assigned a supervisor who will advise you on all issues: help you pack your luggage and first aid kit, talk about life and childbirth in Chile, make a travel plan and select the best clinic.


Choosing airline tickets and apartments

Our manager will choose you airline tickets at favorable prices, and our realtors will find you comfortable apartments in Chile. You can pay for tickets and apartments in any currency.


Pickup at the airport and transfer to the place of accommodation

Our company's transfer guide will meet you at the airport in Santiago, take you to your rented accommodation and help you with check-in.


Accompanying you to the clinic

Our birth supervisor will arrange a tour of the clinic and coordinate an estimate with you. He or she will also take you to doctor's appointments, deliver your baby, and visit a pediatrician after your baby is born.


Assistance with documents

Our lawyers will accompany you to submit the file to the authorized body, where you will receive the Chile passport for your child.


Citizenship processing for parents

After the birth of your child, our specialists will help you obtain a Chilean residence permit and, after three years, Chilean nationality.

You can pay for the services of our company in any way convenient for you

iWorld law firm uses popular payment methods, including cryptocurrencies

  • visa mastercard

    Visa and Mastercard bank cards

  • bank

    Bank transfer to the company's account

  • payoneer stripe

    Payoneer or Stripe payment systems

  • bitcoin

    Any cryptocurrency, preserving confidentiality

Choose the best birth package in Chile!

  • Selection and booking of flights as well as consultation in the selection of tickets
  • Assistance in registration and collection of all necessary documents
  • Preparation for the trip, constant consultations with the company's specialists
  • Assistance in choosing a clinic
  • Personal accompaniment of the curator in Chile to conclude an individual contract with the clinic
  • Turnkey processing of Chilean citizenship and other documents for the baby
2500 EUR
  • All services of the "Basic" package
  • Preparing for the trip, continuous consultations of the company's specialists
  • Assistance in preparing and collecting all necessary documents
  • Booking and selection of the flights
  • Accommodation rent
  • Choice of the clinic prior to departure to Chile
  • Pickup at the airport, transfer to your place of residence
  • Getting a SIM card, connection to cell phones and cellular network
  • Help with settling in at your new place of residence
  • Contract with the clinic
  • Booking and accompaniment to medical appointments
  • Childbirth support
  • Registration of all documents for the baby on a turnkey basis
5000 EUR
  • All services of the "Standard" package
  • Concierge service
  • Accompanying to the consultation with a specialist of the stem cell bank
  • 5 consultations with a psychologist for pregnant women
  • Assistance in the selection and hiring of house staff (housekeeper or nanny)
  • Guided tour of the coastal towns (Concón, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso) with a guide/translator by car
  • Assistance in selecting and renting a car
6900 EUR
  • All services of the "Optimal" package
  • 20 extra hours of accompaniment for any outings
  • Extra transfers in a comfortable car for visiting the clinic and doing paperwork at the registry office
  • Housekeeper - a girl who will do all the housework, get groceries, and help in any way pregnant women throughout their stay in Chile
  • Guided tour of the coastal towns (Concón, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso) with a guide/translator by car
  • Professional family photo session before and after you have your baby
  • 7 additional consultations with a psychologist for pregnant women
  • 7 consultations with a lawyer who specializes in Chilean law
14 900 EUR
  • Assistance in preparing documents for submission to Chilean government bodies
  • Supervision of compliance with all the conditions of the program for the procedure to be 100%
  • Accompany to Chilean state authorities with an interpreter for submission of applications and documents
  • Comprehensive support and counseling at all stages of residence permit, permanent residence permit, citizenship
  • Control and monitoring of the status of submitted applications, notification of the documents readiness
3500 EUR

for registration of one parent

1400 EUR

for each additional family member

Flight restriction

Don't miss the opportunity to give birth in Chile!

iWorld specialists will take care of all the formalities and accompany the mother-to-be at every step, up to the birth and registration of Chilean citizenship for the baby and parents.

Be advised!

After 36 weeks of pregnancy, airline staff may not allow the mother-to-be on the flight, because of which the long-awaited trip can be disrupted.

Apply now to start preparing for the childbirth!

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Partner with iWorld and take your business to the next level!

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  • The most popular immigration programs
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FAQs about childbirth in Chile

This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about childbirth in Chile

Yes, you can. The Chilean authorities do not oblige you to renounce your first nationality. Moreover, your child can have three passports at the same time - Chilean and the countries of origin of each parent.

It is best to plan a trip to Chile 2-3 months before your intended date. This way you will have enough time for detailed consultations with your doctor and full preparation for the birth.

It is best to fly to Chile 2-3 months before you give birth. You can return to your country after one month. It is not recommended to come earlier, as the baby needs time to adjust.

A stay in Chile and participation in the program for two people costs 19,800 EUR. That sum includes: package Optimal (6900 EUR), clinic services (6000 EUR), 2- month rent (3000 EUR), air tickets for 2 people (4000 EUR), and payment for ultrasound scan (700 EUR) and application fees (200 EUR).

Your child's passport and ID card will be ready within 10 business days of his birth.

Childbirth in Chile is the best solution for your baby and the whole family

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